Avian influenza (bird flu): Latest situation

New housing measures will come into force in England, Scotland and Wales on 14 December.


The Chief Veterinary Officers for England, Scotland and Wales have agreed to bring in new measures to help protect poultry and captive birds, following a number of cases of avian influenza in both wild and captive birds in the UK.

Government Chief Veterinary Officers are encouraging bird keepers to use the next 11 days to prepare for new housing measures, including taking steps to safeguard animal welfare, consult their vet and where necessary put up additional housing.

Whether you keep just a few birds as pets or thousands, from 14 December onwards you will be legally required to keep your birds indoors, or take appropriate steps to keep them separate from wild birds. We have not taken this decision lightly, but it is the best way to protect your birds from this highly infectious disease.

Poultry and captive bird keepers are advised to be vigilant for any signs of disease in their birds and any wild birds, and seek prompt advice from their vet if they have any concerns. They can help prevent avian flu by maintaining good biosecurity on their premises, including:

  • housing or netting all poultry and captive birds
  • cleansing and disinfecting clothing, footwear, equipment and vehicles before and after contact with poultry and captive birds – if practical, use disposable protective clothing
  • reducing the movement of people, vehicles or equipment to and from areas where poultry and captive birds are kept, to minimise contamination from manure, slurry and other products, and using effective vermin control
  • thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting housing at the end of a production cycle
  • keeping fresh disinfectant at the right concentration at all points where people should use it, such as farm entrances and before entering poultry and captive bird housing or enclosures
  • minimising direct and indirect contact between poultry and captive birds and wild birds, including making sure all feed and water is not accessible to wild birds

Register your birds

We encourage all keepers to register their birds with us so we can contact you quickly if there is a disease outbreak in your area and you need to take action.

If you have more than 50 birds, you are legally required to register your flock within one month of their arrival at your premises. If you have less than 50 birds, including pet birds, you are still strongly encouraged to register.

Find out how to register your birds.

Poultry and captive bird keepers and members of the public should report dead wild birds to the Defra helpline on 03459 33 55 77 (option 7), and keepers should report suspicion of disease to APHA on 03000 200 301. Keepers should familiarise themselves with our avian flu advice.

Public Health England advise the risk to public health from the H5N8 and H5N2 strains of bird flu is very low.

The Food Standards Agency has said that on the basis of the current scientific evidence, avian influenza poses a very low food safety risk for UK consumers. Properly cooked poultry and poultry products, including eggs, are safe to eat.

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Message from PC Orchard, our Local Neighbourhood Beat Manager –

“Dear All

As your Local Neighbourhood Beat Manager I would just like to bring to your attention some localised crimes within the village that occurred on Monday 2nd November 2020. The crimes relate to vehicle interference/theft from motor vehicles and as such have taken place randomly throughout the village.

With this in mind please could you all pay particular attention to personal security. Lock your vehicles at all times, keep sheds and outbuildings locked and generally keep things secure. CCTV and security lighting is also a benefit and generally being mindful of your own security, that of your neighbours and the village community as a whole.

I will be passing through the village most days to show a presence, provide reassurance and I am happy to be approached with reference any concerns you may have relating to this matter or simply that of any other. If you have any information that could assist with these crimes, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Stay safe in these unprecedented times. If in the event of an emergency, or where you feel at risk of threat or harm please contact ‘999’.

Kind Regards


(Local Neighbourhood Beat Manager-07710076633)

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Gainshare Initiative with Openreach

Please see information below –

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Impacts and use of Devon’s bus network

Please see the email below from Chris Burridge-Barney.  If you are able to help, please click on the link for the survey.  Thank you.

I am a Graduate Trainee Transport Planner at Devon County Council, and am being sponsored to undertake a part-time degree in Transportation Planning and Engineering at the University of Southampton. As part of this degree, I am producing a dissertation examining the impacts of Devon’s bus network, including removing barriers to employment, reducing congestion and pollution, and improving physical and mental health (by, for instance, reducing social isolation and providing transport for outdoor leisure trips).

I was therefore wondering if you would be able to circulate a survey I am using to collect data on why people use Devon’s bus network, what they would do if the buses were unavailable, and what impacts buses have on users (https://www.isurvey.soton.ac.uk/37229). Clearly, bus patronage levels are significantly reduced at present, but I would like respondents to focus on how they have used buses in ‘normal’ (i.e. pre-COVID) times. This is based on the assumption that the recent changes in travel patterns are likely to be temporary in nature, and so pre-COVID passenger data is likely to be a more robust basis for appraising the typical costs and benefits of the services, although I have included a section asking respondents whether they expect to make long-lasting changes to their use of bus services, to test this assumption.

I am also looking to conduct online interviews with bus users, to discuss some of the impacts in greater depth. If you have any contacts who would be interested in taking part in an interview, can you please ask them to send an email to my university email address (cgbb1e18@soton.ac.uk), so we can arrange a time and date.

If you would like any additional information regarding my research, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you in advance for your assistance,

Chris Burridge-Barney MPhys (Hons)

Graduate Trainee Transport Planner
Planning Transportation & Environment
Devon County Council

01392 383131

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Parish Clerk

Cathy Aubertin is the new Parish Clerk, and started work on 1 June 2020.  She can be contacted by email or phone and details are on the Parish Council contact page.

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Cherry tree removal

Removal of diseased tree

The cherry and conifer tree and at the junction of Stoke Road and Deane Road will be removed between Tuesday 26th May and Thursday 28th May.
The road will be subject to temporary closures, so please be aware of this when travelling through the village.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Stokeinteignhead Parish Council

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Stoke Folk – by Fred Cornes

We have the pleasure of being able to share this wonderful poem, written by Stokeinteignhead Parish Councillor Fred Cornes. The poem was shared by BBC Spotlight last night (15th April) and we hope that it can bring some sunshine to you in these very strange times, just as it has to us!


I’m locked in by Corona’s Key
Life seems so hard but then I see
We have our Shop and volunteers
Without them,all could end in tears
Our Pub is lightening all our days
By opening up for “Take Aways”
So when all around is closing down
In City and in local Town
Our Village life is still a joy
Corona Virus can’t destroy
And as we step beyond our doors
If we stop awhile and pause
To look outside,take in the view
I know I’m lucky,don’t you too?
Fields and hedges all around
The birds are singing, joyous sound
All are doing their very best
To find a mate and build a nest
Horses and Riders trotting by
Buzzards wheeling in the sky
Their mewing call is striking fear
In all small mammals hiding near
Tractors working on the land
Farmers planting crops they’ve planned
Cattle now outside at last
Since the winter storms have passed
But when I was told to stay indoors
And  Corona Virus was the cause
My first reaction was of rage
To be locked in because of age
But on reflection that’s now changed
No longer do I feel deranged
Corona’s helped me really see
The beauty that’s surrounding me
And volunteers you’ve done a lot
To help me enjoy this lovely spot
I’m thankful for each selfless deed
That brings to me the things I need
To live here in my chosen place
It’s  put a smile back on my face
Oh what a joy to live in Stoke
Surrounded by such lovely folk
So many thanks to Shop and Pub
Plus Ed and Graham’s Deane Rd Hub
But the Shop has topped my personal polls
For sending me some toilet rolls.


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Parish Council meetings during the period of self-isolation

Due to government regulations regarding Covid-19, Stokeinteignhead Parish Council will be now meeting using Zoom. This can be downloaded to your device via the appropriate app store. You can also dial in to listen to the meeting using a landline.
All meetings are password protected, and the details can be found on the bottom of agendas which are added to our website, social media pages and the main notice board in the centre of the village.

Rachel Avery

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Parish Clerk Vacancy

Stokeinteignhead is a busy and pro-active council, with 8 parish councillors.

The parish council meets eleven times a year, on the second Tuesday evening of every month, except in August.

Working from home, the Clerk and Responsible Finance Officer is responsible for managing the council’s day to day business, providing advice, and implementing decisions. Applicants will need to be computer literate, able to prepare council agendas and record minutes, be familiar with bookkeeping and financial procedures and be able to correspond with external organisations on behalf of the council.

Working hours are 12 hours per week and salary will be dependent on qualifications and experience and will be in accordance with the NALC and SLCC recommendations.

The council currently holds the General Power of Competence. It would be advantageous for the candidate to hold the Cilca qualification or be willing to achieve this as training can be provided.

Please send CV and covering letter via email below.

For informal discussions about the role please contact the Clerk, Mrs Rachel Avery, on 01626 335813 or email stokeinteignheadparishcouncil@outlook.com

Closing Date for applications: 12 noon on Friday 24th April 2020


Clerk job description

Person specification

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Coronavirus (Covid-19) ​

We understand that some of residents or visitors to this page may have concerns regarding the recent Coronavirus outbreak.

For up to date information, tailored to Devon, please head to Devon County Council’s website:


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