Shaldon Bridge update from County Councillor Dewhirst

DCC have confirmed that one of the downstream piles was in poor condition. To mitigate this they have now received a large 3.7 tonne pipe which is being modified at the contractor’s yard. This pipe will be placed around the cluster of piles and have concrete injected into it. When the concrete has cured the weight restriction can be removed. This should take a couple of weeks, weather permitting. However it will entail a full closure of at least six hours – we will try to make this happen to cause as little disruption as possible but is tide dependant.

The upstream pile caisson has been found to have timber pitch pine piles but these are in good condition.

Engineers are working on all the pile clusters to check they are in good condition and require no further work.

Engineers believe that when the downstream work is finished the full 40 tonne weight limit can be reinstated – great news for Christmas!

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