Parish Council Salt Spreading

Parish Council Salt Spreading

You may be aware that the Parish Council has a salt spreader for the Village.
Our primary routes for spreading are the Combeinteignhead/Maidencome Cross boundary and Deane Road.

To undertake salt spreading of every road and track in the parish would be a huge undertaking and would require the storage of large amounts of salt; the Parish Council does not have the resources to do this.

At the moment, snow is so thick that the spreading would not be effective. Weather forecasts suggest ice and rain to come.
We must consider the safety of our VOLUNTEERS. In current weather conditions, it would be dangerous for any work to be undertaken.

We hope all residents are safe and we advise everyone to keep up to date with travel information from Devon Highways and Devon County Council.

Rachel Avery
Parish Clerk

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Community Litter Pick!

Litter pick

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Notice from St Andrews PCC

Please note the below statement from St Andrews PCC:


St Andrew’s Stokeinteignhead, Churchyard

As you may be aware, the churchyard is almost at full capacity for burial. There
are only 2 to 4 plots available, the exact number being dependent upon the
presence or absence of tree roots causing obstruction in the ground. The
following are eligible for burial in the churchyard, irrespective of their faith:
 – Residents of Stokeinteignhead parish
 – Non-residents who are on the Electoral Roll of St Andrew’s Church
 – Anyone who dies in the parish
The Church of England is not the legal burial authority so, when the churchyard
becomes full, burial space has to be provided by the Local Authority.
In common with many other parishes, the Parochial Church Council (PCC) is
planning to apply to the Coroner’s Office at the Ministry of Justice for a Closure
Order. This will transfer the responsibility for the provision and maintenance of
burial space to the Local Authority, which may be Teignbridge District Council or
Stokeinteignhead Parish Council. After closure, the churchyard can continue to
be used for:
 – Burial in the remaining spaces (this will be noted in the application)
 – Additional burials in existing family graves, subject to sufficient depth
being available
 – Interment of cremated remains
Currently the costs of maintenance of the churchyard are borne by the PCC with
a grant from the Parish Council covering about 60% and the remainder by
voluntary donations and fund-raising from the relatively small number of church
members. The PCC is of the view that the churchyard is a facility for the parish
as a whole, and should be appropriately supported by all residents.
Should the Local Authority wish to do so, it may procure additional land for
burial space. This can be consecrated and, if adjacent to the current churchyard,
access could be provided subject to a Faculty.
The PCC has had discussions with the Parish Council regarding the way forward.
We shall be offering a facility for parishioners to come to St Andrew’s Church
and ask questions on 14 March 2018 between 12:00 and 2:00pm and between
7:30 and 8:30pm

St Andrew’s Stokeinteignhead
Parochial Church Council

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New Facebook Page!

The Parish Council now has a Facebook page!

To keep up to date with Parish Council information, along with other useful information, please ‘like’ us!

Just search for ‘Stokeinteignhead Parish Council’!

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Extraordinary Meeting of the Parish Council – 30 January 2018

Dear all

The Parish Council will be holding an Extraordinary Meeting of the Parish Council on Tuesday 30 January 2018. The meeting will commence at 7.30pm in the Village Hall Committee Room.

This meeting is to allow the Parish Council to set its precept for 2018/19 and to discuss the closure of the Churchyard.

To find out more about this, please do come to the meeting, which is open to all. There is an opportunity to ask the Parish Council questions.

The agenda can be viewed here.

Rachel Avery

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Happy New Year!

From all at Stokeinteignhead Parish Council, we wish residents of Stokeinteignhead a very Happy New Year!

The Parish Council will next meet on Tuesday 9 January 2018 in the committee room of the Village Hall.

We will welcome PCC representative Rodney Horder to discuss the possibility of closing the Churchyard. If you have any queries or concerns, please do come along to find out more!
If you have any queries before then, please contact me on 01626 335813 or email

Rachel Avery

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Teignbridge District Council Review of Public Space Protection Order


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